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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  February 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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don: it will get chilly around here saturday and sunday. let's talk about the advisories out right now. we have the winter weather advisory in effect for the eastern half of our viewing area that includes raleigh in fayetteville. this looks a little worse than it is. the air is dry on the lower part of the atmosphere so we are not seeing a ton of this making it to the ground. we can town down the radar a little bit and back out some of that white. that's where the heavier bands of snow showers are now around goldsboro and east of the south and western areas. when we look at the latest model, this builds in over the next couple of hours and even
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it exits the region quickly by 8:00 tonight. it could be anywhere from a dusting to up to half an hinge. i don't think it will be a ton in wake county. as you go south, you could see a glaze. from wilson over to carrboro is your best shot at seeing half an inch of snow. we'll talk more about that and the temperatures down into the teens this weekend. it could be an awfully cold sunday morning and we will have the complete forecast with another possible storm coming up. barbara: the roads are treated and the crews are on standby as we wait to see how this will play out. the roads in the triangle are fine at the moment. it's dry.
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getting on 64 and you can see dot has been preparing the roads. 68,000 gallons of brine line the wake county roads. the quiz sprint yesterday spraying the soften water mixture on our interstates and overpasses -- the crews spent yesterday spraying the water mixture on our interstates and overpasses. they will be ready. we should prepare to drive on slick roads today. if you drive on any slick areas, you can report that to dot. they will be ready with salt and sand if it is needed. latest from the roads. barbara: thank you. let's also check in with another
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>> we are on 147 north crossing chapel hill. we are seeing much of what gloria was talking about. not much falling but you can see the white marks on the road. that's an indication they are ready for winter weather. it's good when they pretreat the roads and that makes it easier when we see stuff falling from the sky. we will drive around in the section of the viewing areas and see the first snowflakes falling. so far, nothing to pass along. back to you. john: thank you. areas east of the triangle are likely to get the brunt of the storm and the flakes are flying on to 64. -- on to 64. we are on >> 264 east right now. it's pretty dry and you can see
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they are popping really hard for this winter weather event. they had all the majors in this stretch of 95 yesterday. earlier. we have yet to see any precipitation in johnson county county. as a percussion, many school systems in the area and eastern close today. we will keep our eye on the road conditions. we will check back in in the next half hour. barbara: thank you, we are covering the winter weather and we will be back in 15 minutes with the full forecast. we will continue to run -- monitor the road conditions and you can stay up-to-the-minute on changing conditions at the first alert weather app. john: in raleigh, trey the on smith is deciding not to testify
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he is accused of killing a woman in his apartment in 2013 at both sides arresting their case.the last witness for the prosecution was a medical examiner who described in graphic detail how the young mother was killed. we go live to the wake county justice center. >> that testimony here was so graphic. the victim's father could not there it as he left the courtroom. the medical examiner testified using charts of the victims wounds and autopsy photos. melissa huggins jones was stabbed 18 times and she was found in may after a burglary at the apartment. trayvion smith is facing the death penalty. he admitted to breaking in but he said he was not in the apartment. he could still be convicted for being a long and taking part in other break-ins. jurors heard it likely took the
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hour to die. had these injuries and likely would have known that she was beginning to lose consciousness injuries. >> her testimony and did the prosecution's case. the defense has decided not to put on evidence and trayvion smith will not testify. barbara: thank you. fayetteville police are searching for a murder suspect. damien boyd is accused of killing a 37-year-old. he was initially a person of interest in the case and was the last person seen with her on saturday night. the body was found tuesday afternoon in a wooded area and an autopsy reveals that she was
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he may be driving a black ford focus. john: raleigh police say a fire that has displaced and was accidental but have not said how it started. the chopper was over the scene in northridge apartments on highline street yesterday. fire crews found smoke rolling out of the building. they were able to knock down the flames but not before 4 apartment units were destroyed. fortunately, everyone got out safely. barbara: the democratic race for president is getting more heated as hillary clinton and bernie sanders were sparring for two hours last night in milwaukee. clinton took aim at his policies. >> it's a promise that cannot be kept. >> secretary clinton, you are not in the white house yet. barbara: the two battled for the crucial backing of african-american and hispanic voters. we will talk about the republican side and donald trump's gentler side. there is a traffic alert in the triangle.
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happening this weekend on the durham freeway and what you need to know. >> i ran out. i kept falling but i got away. john: plus, a machete attack inside a restaurant and several people were injured and how witnesses helped police tracked down the suspect. barbara: we are live and first alert mode, taking a live look at downtown raleigh. the clouds look like there is snow about to fall. don: those are wintertime clouds and we see some snow light in spots now. it looks worse than it is on the radar because the lower part of the atmosphere is so try that
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barbara: welcome back. barbara:you can see the roads are clear right now. the crews have been brining to wrote -- the road. in fayetteville, you can see the roads are wet and they are getting some rain. we are coming up with the full details on the forecast. a traffic alert, a big traffic shift on the durham freeway. this is a live look at the area. southbound traffic on the durham freeway is being moved.
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avenue and ellis road. this is part of the east end connector project so expect the lane shift to last until june. john: a crash that knocked down a power pole in raleigh is under investigation at 3:30 a.m. this morning. police say the driver is not impaired it was not. the rows back open. we are coming together to help a disabled man whose ability to get around was stolen from him. our viewers have been calling mike leary and offering him support. a thief stole his car out of his driveway in east raleigh. he is -- his car is handicapped modified. it is the only car the single dad can drive to get his sons to school and get to his job at home depot. so far, it has not turned up and if you would like to learn more, go to and click on the raleigh tab. barbara: i hope he gets it back.
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killed by her own dog. barbara: why her family wants john: inside a restaurant and an battling cancer has found true
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barbara: the dow jones industrial average is finally rebounding after four days of major drops in the blue chips are up 230 points. the nasdaq and s&p 500 are also up. in columbus, ohio, police are working to find the motive for what appears to be a random machete attack inside a restaurant. john: witnesses at the meditating urine restaurant -- at the mediterranean restaurant said a mansard attacking people. >> he started beating up on the man and i thought it was personal. then he just started down the road and hit everybody with something. people were bleeding. john: she says the attacker went after customers and then made his way back to the kitchen where he aimed at employees. workers and veterans try to stop them with some chairs and witnesses gave police a
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he was later killed in a confrontation with police. four people were treated for injuries in the attack. barbara: a police case in texas and the deadly crash and two people are killed in head-on wrong way crash. police tried to stop the driver but could not stop it before it slammed into an approaching vehicle and both drivers were killed. no word on the identity of the wrong way driver and the driver of the other car was a 21-year-old man following his friends and family at the time of the crash. john: an eight-year-old cancer patient who found love in the last month of his life has died. his family says david passed away at home in chesapeake. his parents and friends were by his side. the little boy beat cancer three times but the disease always came back. his parents finally gave up on treatment.
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found what his famil callede ad said the dog was good with small children but they think the people who gave her the dog knew the dog was vicious. the dog was scheduled to be euthanized yesterday. john: the firstzika related death is being reported in venezuela. the venezuelan president set at least for people have died from complications with the virus recover the hospital. there are more than 5000 suspected cases reported in venezuela. local health organizations there say the real number is likely much higher. australian officials are reporting an unidentified pregnant woman there has the virus. the woman recently visited one
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the virus can cause to authority in newborns but has only a mild impact on -- on 80% of those who get it. the obstetrician diagnose the disease after complaining of a fever and rash. barbara: a goodwill branches offering the broken hearted a chance to start fresh. goodwill stores in the florida area are hosting an anti-valentine's day campaign called donate your exes stuff. the ideas to get rid of physical baggage of a past relationship by donating the belongings. the campaign launches the day after valentine's day. i guess you want to make sure that they don't want their stuff back. john: that could be a problem. don: it's one thing to throw it out on the lawn. barbara: not goodwill.
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i got an e-mail from a viewer who said it's snowing right now but it will not last long. there is a winter weather advisory in effect until 7:00 p.m. it is for county but that does not mean you will not see snow in other areas. you won't see enough for it the problem. this is a live look at radar. the heaviest band of snowflakes is working to in 200 county. it will go into eastern chatham county first and some light stuff is flying in orange county but most is not making it to the ground. down around barnet county, you are seeing -- around harnett company, you are seeing a light
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there is freezing rain in spots. further south, more warm air and 50 more rain. in downtown raleigh, nothing right now as far as precipitation. a 40% humidity. in this particular picture, you will see a drop on october that's mainly rain, no snowflakes. 67% humidity in the northeast wind is four miles per hour. temperatures across the region -- you can notice the warm air trying to south which brings more of a rain event. the satellite radar composite shows this thing moving to create it will not last long behind it, lots of cold air
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1:00 p.m., the extra moisture will work through but by 8:00 p.m., it's gone. as we go through tomorrow, by 7:00 p.m., things are clear and dry. it will just get cold around here. the low will exit the region and the high pressure will drop in and give us cold air we will struggle to make freezing tomorrow night and by sunday, we only stay in the 30's for highs so the coldest weekend of the winter so far this weekend. the wintry mix and by 4:00 or 5:00 tonight. across the region, we will see the wintry mix with light snow possible from siler city and heavier toward smithfield. fayetteville go up to 37 with a push of warm air.
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up to the north, temperatures will be in the 30's. it all is out tonight and the clouds move out and we see the clearing skies. 19 and roxboro and 21 in raleigh. another system approaches and we will see a lot of warm air and the snow will melt quickly and temperatures will go in up monday night into tuesday. we pick up some rain in spots and it will stay in the 50's next week. this afternoon will be annoying and you may see a glaze down to the southeast. we will keep you posted.
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john: what you can find (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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>> wtvd abc11 and field trials will take place in a fixed location in austin, texas. john: whole foods 365 will offer more than just organic fruit. the store will feature outside vendors selling everything from fresh juice to tattoos. the first of 10 stores will open in los angeles later this spring. a health scare for iconic singer barry manilow -- barbara: he was rushed to the hospital yesterday after complications from oil cert -- oral surgery. his manager says eyewitness news is in first
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mobile units are on the road the democratic presidential candidates faced off last night.
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>> the only station with three newsrooms in downtown raleigh, downtown fayetteville and eyewitness news continues. barbara: we are in first alert weather mode with snow fix falling in parts of the viewing area but in fayetteville, it's just raining. cumberland county schools are dismissing one hour early and all afterschool activities are canceled. andrea blandford is live in wilson county. good afternoon. any sign of snow yet? >> good afternoon, we saw some
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we were on 264 earlier and have since gone to 795 south out of into wayne county. it's still very dry and the flurries we saw did not last too long. there was a good bit of them and you can see them now driving but i'm not sure our camera can pick them up. they are just like traces. we will keep our eye on the conditions. dot has really hard for this winter weather event. they have him treating the roads on 795 south. they have brined the entire length of 95 in advance of whatever we end up seeing. note for the substation in the area where we had been so far. we will -- no precipitation in the area where we have been so far.
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they want to keep them as dry as possible. they are prepared to handle slick conditions. we could see freezing rain and sleet and things like that we've continued to head south and keep our eye on changing conditions and keep you posted on. john: thank you. conditions as well. >> we have seen some changes, we saw some snowflakes within the last few minutes. it's probably hard to see because they are very small. the camera is probably not picking them up. however, we are on 440 near poole road. there is brian on some of the roads and dot has been preparing for the possibility of light
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68,000 gallons of brian are lining the wake county roads. they have in spring the mixture on interstates and overpasses and ramped yesterday and about a dozen trucks were treating roadways in wake county. the dot rep says we may only get a little dusting here but he says they will be ready anyway and we should be prepared to drive on slick roads today. >> it's not a major snow event. it's enough to make the roads careful out there. go slow, give space between you front of you. >> you might be able to see the light snowflakes. we are starting to see more of them. you might see them coming at the windshield. dot is waiting to see what happens.
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they don't expect anything to stick to the ground. they don't expect to have to use plows today. if you run into any slippery spots or any accidents, be sure to report them. barbara: thank you. durham county is not seeing much. this is i-40 with a few snow flurries falling but the roads have been treated. caitlin is traveling and durham right now. >> good afternoon, i just posted seeing flurries on twitter. we are on highway 54 and just crossed under 40. i got a little excited to see some snowflakes but these are
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not much to see and it probably does not show up in camera. the roads have been treated. if these snowflakes start to stick, it hopefully won't be a problem. if you are heading out to lunch, it should not present a problem. right now, it's more of a novelty of seeing a little snow. this is the kind of snow we can deal with, not a major problem. we will see if it stays that way. barbara: thank you. make sure you download our first alert weather app with live doppler radar on the row and school closings and delays and weather alerts. it's an easy way to upload photos right to us. john: the defense is resting in the trayvion smith murder trial.
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melissa huggins jones in 2013 and the prosecution wrapped up its case. the last witness on the stand was a medical examiner described have a young mother was brutally murdered. closing arguments are expected to begin monday and if found guilty, smith could face the death penalty. barbara: in garner, police found the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run last weekend. that to two-year-old was walking morning when she was hit with a down in a ditch. police have not named the driver and have not filed charges yet. john: things were getting really tense in the democratic race last night. there was a verbal sparring beat hillary clinton and bernie sanders in the latest debate. donald trump is trying to tone down his negative ads. >> let's not insult the intelligence of the american people.
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the race, bernie sanders goes after big money influences. >> why in gods name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess just for the fun of it. >> trying to regain her footing after a double-digit defeat in a rancher, hillary clinton hammers on details in her responses and pushes sanders for more on his health care plan. >> the american people deserve to know specifically how this work, the numbers don't add up and many people will actually be worse off than they are right now. >> that is absolutely inaccurate. >> a testy exchange over their relationship to president obama. >> madam secretary, that is a low blow. one of us ran against barack obama and i was not that candidate. >> the republican front runner shove his competence and louisiana ejecting a run for reelection.
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great job and hopefully i get in it for years. >> donald trump is changing tactics. he is playing on attack ads from south carolina. his challengers are not backing down. >> donald trump has zero foreign policy experience. >> do you want an entertainer in chief? >> the candidates will attend a dinner in south carolina republicans face off in another debate tonight in south carolina. -- tomorrow night in south carolina. john: the must see avalanche wipes out to skiers and how they were able to survive. 2 monkeying around barbara:, the cat that uses his natural
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-- with his feline was after. with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't.
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from classic to contemporary, havertys. john: it's time for must-see video's. barbara: to skiers and france had a close call with a wall of snow racing onto the two of them and slams into them. the avalanche buried both men but they had safety equipment. they were able to make their way out and walk away. john: in the national zoo, a little girl and the sealver bonding.
12:41 pm
she runs back-and-forth in front of vehicle arian and they are having fun until she falls. you see the seals reaction. it stopped immediately and showed concern for the little girl. that's pretty sweet and she was not hurt. barbara: check out this cat who thinks he is a monkey. he is trying to get a snack. he grabs onto the top of the microwave and grabs the door and is hanging on the cabinet and manages to open the door. he is able to grab the bag of snacks with his mouth. once he grabs it, he grabs it with his mouth and is and is he grabs it, -- they finally gets down and goes away. john: it looks like he has done that before.
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re-created vincent van gogh's bedroom. the artist painted the room in his yellow house in the late 19th century. the three-dimensional installment is an exact replica and the musings renting that room for $10 per night. the rate includes two tickets to the exhibition which runs through may 10. you can see the videos anytime by going to or using our mobile app on your phone or tablet. barbara: we remain in first alert mode with weather conditions changing and drivers are dealing with sleet in wayne county. john: let's go to andrea blandford. >> we are on 795 south headed goldsboro. we were seeing some snow and it changed to sleet and a looks more like rain. the roads are wet it we were showing you the streaks of brine
12:43 pm
this is been coming down for quite some time and it's washing that away. we saw some snow flurries earlier wilson. this has change the further south we have gone so we expect to see more of this the further south we go. this is 795 south toward goldsboro. the traffic has been very light on this friday afternoon. we'll keep you posted. barbara: thank you. john: the dramatic video as an out-of-control vehicle go straight for him. john: this is a live look outside. there are some snowflakes flying in front of the camera and look at the low hanging clouds. don: we see some snowflakes getting report around the region and we will talk about that coming up in the complete forecast. we are checking on your first
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barbara:the investigation is ongoing but authorities believe ice on the bridge played a role. barbara: a deposition order for bill cosby's wife is moving forward. a federal judge in massachusetts says camille cosby must answer questions in a defamation lawsuit but may not have to answer every question. she maybe able to avoidkanye west walked into his seat
12:48 pm
shouted his name. barbara: their college prospects. school leaders say the investigation is ongoing. john: fenway park is a new look and barbara: it has been transformed for the big air competition. a four hundred 30 foot long man-made snow covered ramp cover the area from center field to home and the event features skiers and snowboarders from around the world. the rap is tyler than the fenway
12:49 pm
you can take an elevator to the top. it took 28 workers 10 weight -- 10 days to build that ramp. john: we will have a live look from the crossroads area of snow falling. you can barely make out a snowflake or two. in downtown raleigh, it's also getting on the ground a little bit. don: you can see the bigger snowflakes flying out there. it's not sticking anywhere in downtown raleigh yet. you may see up to half an inch of dusting. for the most part with the roads having brine, it will not be a problem. barbara: it looks like a snow globe. don: they are very slow falling flakes.
12:50 pm
the winter weather advisory is in effect until 7:00 tonight so the precipitation should be done by 5:00 p.m. for the eastern half of the viewing area. looking at the radar, it shows some light snow working through. we can check on the national weather service reports alike in durham showing a light snow at hope valley road. parts of wake county have spots of snow but it was starting to end. in harness county, light snow. and further south, we get mixed precipitation. toward fayetteville and clinton, rain is mixing in. a viewer sent me a picture on facebook. you can send photos in by sending them with hashtag wtvd
12:51 pm
we might be having a dusting or maybe half an inch. points east could pick up happening but it should not be much more and down south, a wintry mix is possible with glaze see you might see some freezing rain. in downtown raleigh, the temperature is 27. the dew point is at 16 and humidity is 64% with a little wind. 30 degrees right now and downtown fayetteville with humidity at 74 percent and northeast wind at six miles per hour. temperature is dropping a little bit with that snow. down here, a push of warmer air. that's why we see that mixed precipitation. through the next 36 hours, most of it has shifted east after 3:00 p.m. and gone this evening. it will feel like winter around here on saturday with temperatures in the 20's and
12:52 pm
sunday morning, 19 degrees with wind chill in the single digits. monday morning, we see pink. we could see frozen precipitation mixing in and for that day on monday, it changes to all rain. the seven day forecast shows today, temperatures in the low to mid 30's with a wintry mix possible. 32 degrees tomorrow, brisk and called and sunday just 30 degrees. the wintry mix on presidents' day changing to all grain and tuesday, wednesday, thursday, warmer air and sunshine. barbara: thank you. we continue to follow the snow falling and will have another
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john: this is a l barbara:barbara: the snow is falling in durham and yours look at our dot camera. caitlin is an breaking news one with an update. >> we are on university drive in durham and just crossed over forest hills. hopefully it's as prefer you as it is for us. there are some tiny snowflakes
12:56 pm
it's very pretty but it does not look to be sticking on the ground. it's a little bit key as you drive along the we will go through bursts of snow and then it will subside and then come back again. it depends where you are but it's picking up again right now. we just started seeing this of around 12:15 p.m. in durham and it has continued on and off. we receive it starts to stick but for now, that serbia. barbara: thank you. don: we just got a picture from a viewer down goldsboro. use hashtag abc11 to send in your pictures and the snow starting to end in durham and wake county. it's heavier as you go down south goldsboro that that will
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